MBA1454 Does Sponsoring a An Online Summit Work?

Conferences were always going to go digital. 

Enter the online summit, a virtual gathering of industry pros that might offer the same (or similar) benefits to the analog version. These summits are more popular each year, with entire businesses built around hosting and promoting them. 

What does that mean for you?

We’ve sponsored online summits, and been asked to sponsor others. Deciding whether it was worth it for us took some serious calculating. Today, we’d like to share our formula. How can you determine the ROI of sponsoring a conference?

More importantly, how can you make sure you actually get the return you expect?

We’ll discuss how to determine if a given summit is worth your sponsorship. Take the steps we outline, and you’ll get a better sense of the cost per lead involved, and whether putting your name on the virtual banners is smart marketing or not. 

There’s huge potential in sponsoring summits — but only if the numbers add up. Click Play!


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