MBA1565 Q&A Wednesday: How do I shut off my brain so I can recharge?

Entrepreneurs are different.

We don’t work the same. We don’t live the same. And we face challenges that the conventionally employed just don’t. For example, it can be incredibly tough to “leave work at work” when we’re solely responsible for our businesses.

Our brains are full of hamsters, spinning away on wheels that never stop.

So can we treat this condition? 

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener wants to know if we use any strategies that let us chill, relax, and yes…sleep! As it turns out, our intrepid host Omar has learned how to unplug after years of stressing out.

Today, we’ll discuss the things we do to just shut off. Remember — you’re not choosing between your business and your health. You can’t run your business without your health! And you can’t make decisions with an overworked, foggy brain. Click Play!


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