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MBA2308 Red Flags To Watch Out For When Hiring + Free Ride Friday

How do you know the person sitting in front of you is a bad hire? We’ve found out — the hard way, and more than once. Today, we invite you to let our mistakes be your guide.

Seriously. Listen to this episode before your next interview!

It’s exciting to build a team. It’s a sign your business is growing, and you’re about to experience the joy of delegating tasks to specialists so you can focus on leadership. But hiring the wrong person can be costly.

When you make a bad hire, it’s not as simple as having to find someone else. All the time, resources, and effort you put into that person is…gone. Forever.

Over the course of our team-building, we’ve seen a few clear signs that identify a candidate as a no-go. In this episode, we’ll share the biggest, reddest flags that are almost always a sure sign you should move on to the next resume.

Pro tip: skills can be taught. Attitude can’t.

Learn what to ask, and what answers to look out for, when evaluating someone’s potential to be an asset to your team. The longer a team works together, the better they get — so hire the right people the first time! 

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