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MBA2309 Extended Interview with Steve Chou: How to Make 2+Million Dollars per Year Working Only 20 Hours per Week

Can you have both money and a ton of free time? Is it actually realistic to build a business that generates multiple millions in annual profit, but doesn’t take more than 4 hours a day to run?

Turns out, yeah.

Today, Omar sits down for an extended interview with Steve Chou. Steve doesn’t work all that much, because he’d rather hang out with his kids. And who wouldn’t? 

But making that dream a reality took serious strategy, work, and a clear vision of his priorities.

As the child of extraordinarily hardworking immigrants, Steve wanted the best for his own children too — but without having to sacrifice the amount of family time his own parents missed out on. So he and his wife started an ecommerce business.

After a while (and a few tough but critical lessons), they achieved both financial success and the freedom to prioritize family.

Learn how they did it! 

From automation tips to balancing work and family priorities, discover the secrets to becoming a “family-first entrepreneur” – providing for your loved ones while enjoying quality time together. 

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