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MBA2314 Is it Too Late to Start a Podcast? + Free Ride Friday

Have you missed the boat on podcasting? It’s a crowded field out there, with podcasts from every self-anointed expert with a microphone and some free time — so should you even bother?

The short answer is yes.

Today, we address a question that Omar gets…oh, about a zillion times a week. Thing is, there are lots of reasons starting a podcast is harder today than it was when the first episode of The $100 MBA Show debuted. 

…but there are lots of reasons it’s easier now, too. We’ll discuss everything that’s changed since then, for better and worse. 

As technology and media have evolved to allow more people to create and listen to podcasts, it can be hard to stand out and find your audience. But those exact same developments are why a great podcast with truly valuable content has a reasonable chance of success!

Learn the biggest challenges to getting your own show going, and decide if podcasting might be the best way for you to make a name for yourself. Click Play!


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