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MBA2451 What I Learned Raising $12,000 for Charity

Have you ever tried giving back to charity? If you have, congratulations! If you haven’t, tune in to this episode. Omar shares his real-life experience about giving back and the valuable lessons he learned along the way.

This episode is jam-packed with practical advice on how to effectively raise funds for a good cause, choose the right charity, and ensure your donations make a real impact. Join us as we dive into Omar’s adventure of giving back and hear how he and his partner, Nicole, rocked it by raising money for a charity bike ride in Thailand. Now, mind you, even though this episode is about giving back to charity, there are still a lot of business lessons we can pick up from his experience.

Don’t miss out on this inspiring episode that’ll arm you with strategies for doing good while crushing it in business. Let’s make a positive impact while building your business. Click the play button!


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