MBA1451 4 Low Cost Ways to Gather Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is like fertilizer for your business growth. 

Way too many entrepreneurs try to “figure out” what would appeal to customers, when a smarter solution is there all along: just ask some. Today, we’ll discuss the incredible, underappreciated value of customer feedback, and how to mine your customers for this valuable resource. 

With it, you can do everything from improving your sales and marketing to lowering your churn. We’ve got 4 specific ways you can gather and utilize feedback, without putting too big a dent in the ol’ marketing budget.

This is a small investment with a massive return.

Establishing a systematized way of gathering and analyzing feedback takes a little work, but the payoff on that investment (of mostly time, by the way) is astronomical. With this precious intel, you can clear the blockage from your marketing and sales funnel. Growth ensues.

You don’t have all the answers. Fortunately, your customers have quite a few. Click Play!


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